Grupo ST
Three areas of expertise, one unique visión

The organisation boasts 13 offices, 400 employees and over 900 professional partners, operating across the whole of Spain. All the professionals who form part of the organisation transmit the values and principles of Grupo Sociedad de Tasación in all aspects of their work. This, along with ongoing investment in R+D, makes the group best placed to provide specific, diversified and made-to-measure solutions for the increasingly complex demands of our clients. Our valuation, consultancy and technology services for the real estate market can be fully tailored to meet the precise needs of our clients: Financial Institutions, the Real Estate Sector, Public Authorities, Companies and Individuals.

RICS Valuations

Following the standards of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

ECO Valuations

Certified by the Bank of Spain. Valuations in accordance with regulation ECO/805/2003.

Portfolio Valuations (AVM)

Applying fast and efficient models that are tried and tested on the market.

Business Valuations

We provide reliable information to help make decisions relating to M&A processes.

Market Studies

Risk Analysis for Investment in Industrial Land, Developments, etc.

Town Planning Reports

We analyse the feasibility of town planning projects.

Project Monitoring

Start-to-end monitoring from financing a property to its completion.

Strategic Consultancy

We help you to understand and manage your project effectively.

Technical Property Management

The solution for large property portfolio owners and servicers.

Market Research

We offer you accurate information at exactly the right time.

IT Projects

Tailored solutions for the finance and real estate sectors.

Asset Management

Real Estate Asset Management Software