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ST Consultores offers independent services and is specialized in real estate consultancy, asset management and expert technical analysis, aimed mainly at big companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, public administrations and real estate investment funds.

As real estate consultants, ST Consultores offer a comprehensive service to our clients both TECHNICALLY, solving their needs; and STRATEGICALLY, anticipating those needs.

Our market comprises mostly big companies and banks, with which the Sociedad de Tasación group has developed close relationships and permanent bonds over many years. The product offered includes real estate management, asset consultancy (inventory and cataloguing) as well as the evaluation of the current condition of the assets.

Other business lines cater to the needs of public administrations, offer technical expert services for insurance companies, provide energy efficiency certification, advise in international purchase-sale operations and in after-sale services.
Its activity is focused in the following services:

Asset Investment Stage

  • Due Diligence for Investment
  • Gathering Analysis and Study of Title of The property
  • Surveys

Asset Management: Land

  • Due diligence - Land
  • Information gathering reports, Analysis and study of Title of Property
  • Land Transformation Management
  • Partition or Grouping of projects
  • Study of Invento

Asset Management: Construction

  • Due diligence construction
  • Project Management
  • Tender Reports
  • Project monitoring
  • Initial Due Diligence
  • Works monitoring
  • Final Due diligence

Asset Management: Finished Building

  • Report for repayment of Guarantee witholding
  • Asset InventoryInventario de activos
  • Sustainable Energy certificate of Building

Asset Management: Conservation

  • Pre-sale & Post sale Technical Management
  • Quotes Reports - Tenders
  • Technical reports
  • Pre-sale asset management and control

Asset Divestment Stage

  • Post Sale Technical Management
  • Exopert Report
  • Defect Insurance Report

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